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Save the Date!

4th Annual ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium:

Tuesday, October 1 & Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Monday, September 30 for Preconference Sessions

Partnership for Public Service Conference Center, 1100 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC, 20005, USA

Expect the Call for Proposals in early March

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Announcing the ICT Accessibility Testing Spring Bootcamps!
(An extension event of the Annual ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium)

Three Bootcamp-Style Courses from top accessibility testing experts:

Accessibility Testing 101
(2 Days, Monday-Tuesday March 11-12, 2019)

Karl Groves delivers a intensive training program to become a web accessibility tester

Accessibility Testing 201
(1 Day, Monday, March 11, 2019)

Gian Wild extends the popular workshop from the symposium to a full day. Take your knowledge to the next level, with hands-on training of web testing techniques across the board.

Mobile Website Accessibility Testing
(1 Day, Tuesday, March 12, 2019)

The ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium Committee has created a publicly available mobile website test process. This bootcamp, headed up our mobile sub-committee chair, Gian Wild, will take you through the test process with hands-on exercises, and training to make you a mobile website tester by the end of the day.

Read More about the Spring Bootcamps...

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The 3rd Annual ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium: Mobile Testing, 508 Revision, and Beyond


The 2018 Symposium took place on Wednesday & Thursday, November 7-8, in Arlington, Virginia, USA

Lunch with the Keynote event at the 3rd Annual Symposium

The Proceedings of the 2018 Symposium are Available

Archive of all three Symposia Programs and Proceedings

Our Mobile Website Test Process

Members of our Mobile Testing Sub-Committee
have created this publicly available test process for mobile websites:

Mobile Accessibility Testing Methodology (November 2018)

Mobile Accessibility Testing Methodology (Overview)

Looking for the Photos?

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Keynote speech

Our 2018 Social Impact Award recipient, Lainey Feingold gave our keynote speech,
"A Lawyer Goes into an Accessibility Testing Conference… (not a joke!)"

ICT 2017 Social Imapact Award Winner, Lainey Feingold. With Andrew Nielson

With thanks to our friends at for recording and captioning the session.
Watch on

Note: Symposium introductory remarks by Chris Law for the first 21 minutes;
Jump ahead to 21:20 for the start of Lainey's speech.

The Digital Accessibility Legal Summit 2019

Working with legal issues around digital accessibility?

Want to bolster your accessibility program to be better placed to respond to legal inquiries?

Join Lainey and other notable speakers at the inaugural
Digital Accessibility Legal Summit in Anaheim, March 11-12, 2019

Congratulations to our 2018 Awards Winners!

Best Student Paper

Brittani Washington, Towson University
Presented by Jennifer Chadwick, Siteimprove

ICT 2018 Best Student Paper Award Winner, Brittani Washington. With Jennifer Chadwick and Andrew Nielson

Student travel award kindly sponsored by


Competition Winner

Santina Croniser
Presented by Erin Kirchner-Lucas

ICT 2018 Competititon Winner, Santina Croniser. With Erin Kirchner-Lucas and Andrew Nielson

Competition award kindly sponsored by


Best Paper

Jared Smith, WebAIM
Presented by Karl Groves, Tenon

ICT 2018 Best Paper Award Winner, Jared Smith. With Karl Groves and Andrew Nielson

Best Paper award kindly sponsored by


Best Presentation

Drew (Howie) Bollinger, RedShelf
Presented by Laura Renfro, Renfro Consulting

ICT 2018 Best Paper Award Winner, Howie Bollinger. With Laura Renfro and Andrew Nielson

Best Paper award kindly sponsored by

Renfro Consulting, Inc.

Previous events: Archive Programs and Proceedings

What's been presented before?
Find the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Archives on the Programs Page

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With support from the 2018 ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium Committee,
The 2018 Accessibility Testing Symposium is organized by Accessibility Track

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Photos on this page courtesy of Accessibility Track Consulting, LLC. (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).