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Photos from The 2018 ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium: Mobile Testing, 508 Revision, and Beyond

For photo captions, use your favorite testing tool to find the Alt-Text!

Photos on this page courtesy of Accessibility Track Consulting, LLC. (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Paul Bohman presents the ARIA workshop on behalf of Jon Gunderson

Kelsey Hall and Kristina England presenting the workshop on Procurement

Karl Groves teaching the Accessibility Testing 101 Bootcamp

Gian Wild and Sheri Byrne-Haber presenting the Accessibility Testing 201 workshop

Carol Gardiner and Dominique Wheeler presenting the workshop on an Accessibility Toolkit

Laura Renfro welcomes attendees at the registration table

Opening Remarks from Chris Law, with crowd and videographer

Opening Keynote by Lainey Feingold. Slide states that 'Fear is a Liar'

Lunch with the Keynote event

Lainey Feingold and Chris Law at the Lunch with the Keynote event

Jared Smith presenting the Best Paper session

Crowd up close, including Andrew, the Awards Chair

Raja Kushalanagar giving his presentation with sign language interpreters in the foreground

Laura Renfro presenting on hardware testing with a desktop printer on hand. Slide shows wheelchair reach range diagram.

Claudi Luis Vera answering audience questions

Shane Anderson and Sean Kelly presenting

Jon Gunderson presents his paper from his office in Illinois

Chris Law, Pina D'Intino and Julie Romanowski present on legal focus priorities

Brittani Washington presents the Best Student Paper. The slide shows a stick figure using a cane as a user persona.

An assitance dog sleeps through a presentation.

Networking conversations

Networking lunch event

More networking conversations

Lainey Feinglod book signing

Kathy Eng making a serious point.

Matt Feldman at the podium

John Rempel in deep consideration

Closing Pleanry Panel on the Present and the Future. Left to right: Jennison Asuncion, Kathy Eng, Jon Avila, Katie Haritos-Shea, and Norman Robinson

A guide dog deserves some rest!
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